Art Attack Designs

Flags are made of 18-gauge mild steel. Plasma-cut design with ground-in metal effects. 
Painted with PPG auto paints in Candy Blue and Red, accented with torch (if desired), and clear-coated for a long-lasting finish.

Size approx. 24"x 47"

Rolled flags are $269.00, Old Glory and We the People are $249.

See options below.

Flags come in two shapes:     Battle torn Flag (shredded)
                                                    Square torn  Flag

Designs available:                   Cut-out Stars  (Standard)
                                                    Decals of Colony Stars or 76 Design
                                                    Custom logos  in place of stars
                                                    Blue line or red line    

Special Effects:                        Colored with Torch (if desired)
                                                    Ground-in metal effects

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